• 100% fresh =100% flavor
  • As exotic as their origin of cultivation
  • Made from ripe fruits = best harvest point
  • No added sugar only natural sugar
  • No additional ingredients
  • Naturally fat-free and saturated fat-free
  • Available year round and ready to use
  • For creative use in your foods and drinks

Do you want to know our assortment of tropical fruits?

Quality is our most important guarantee and asset to be able to serve you the best premium fruits. We work hard to be a little better every day:

Plantations: We choose growing areas of our fruits carefully to ensure premium taste

Technology: We use today’s freezing technology to keep the nutritional values of our products at an utmost level

Supplier: We work with well-reputed suppliers who are sensitive to fair trade and its cooperatives

Supply Chain: We trace the whole supply chain ensuring premium quality of our products

Growing areas: The quality of fruits is essential to the premium taste we offer to our customers. Therefore we have chosen one of the world´s best plantations in Ecuador, to assure the highest possible quality of our fruits:

  • Ecuador is located at the equator with zero latitude and little variation in daylight hours during the course of a year.
  • With an average of 8h daylight, our fruits benefit from the sun for a perfect taste and quality.
  • Solar energy optimizes the productivity of plants and accelerates ripening.

Production process: To reach our goal to deliver the best possible quality means also to understand the whole production process of our fruits from growing, harvesting, processing, packing and storing.
This is the reason why we frequently travel and visit our farmers and suppliers to assure that our fruits will become and remain a PREMIUM product:

  • Growing: Fruits are carefully grown under their perfect climate requirements within the best growing regions (Coastal, Andean and Amazon regions)
  • Harvesting: After becoming ripe, they are harvested with careful controls.
  • Preparation: Washing, in some cases smoothly heated and cutting Pealing and removal of the seeds from the fruit
  • Blending: Through the blending and squeezing process the fruit pulp will be generated by separating pulp from skin and unused parts
  • Packing: Pulps are filled into pouches which are then sealed and packed into transport boxes
  • Freezing: Transport boxes are put into the freezer by -18 degree Celsius

Transportation: We operate in a fair and transparent manner by having major parts of the production value chain certified according to recognized environmental and fair trade labels. We maintain a close and direct relationship with our logistic partners to assure an efficient, secure and reliable transport of our products.