Do you want to know more about fruit pulps and LeVe? LeVe is a Swiss company specializing in the importation and distribution of premium exotic frozen fruit pulps, mainly from Ecuador to Europe.


“We offer our customers to enjoy the natural flavors and health benefits of tropical fruit pulps, just as their home people do.”

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Marlene Vesterdal


All that is good, none of that is not so.

We are a young and dynamic company dealing in the importation and marketing of exotic fruit pulps.

  • 100% Fresh = 100% flavor
  • As exotic as its growing origin
  • Made from ripe fruits = Best harvest point
  • No sugars added only natural sugars
  • No additional ingredients
  • Naturally free of saturated fats and oil
  • Available all year and ready to use
  • For creative use in your food and beverages



LeVe’s philosophy is derived from our excitement of offering the freshness and premium flavor of our exotic fruit flavors throughout the year, with its highest level of nutritional benefits in health.

Our goals are to be more careful with our planet and make your life healthier.
LeVe’s fruit pulps are 100% Natural, 100% quality, 100% transparency and 100% fair.



We will become a well-known brand used for flavors of healthy and premium exotic fruit pulps throughout Europe thanks to the loyalty of its loyal customers to the LeVe’s philosophy.



We strongly believe in the following values and if they are in equilibrium, we will feel happy with ourselves:

  • Honesty: Our relationship with our interest groups is based on honesty.
  • Impartiality: We make sure that our farmers receive the right payment on time and in a fair way.
  • Trust: We wish to be your reliable partner for a long-term relationship.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is one of our main pillars to focus on our business and our beliefs.